With the goal of bringing more amazing partners to DogeZone and expanding the reach of our project. We want to invite you, our DZoners, to become DogeZone ambassadors and be a vital part of going worldwide journey. Become a DogeZone ambassadors right now and grow with us!

🗣 Why Become a DogeZone ambassador?

To build a strong community, Earn Rewards and grow with us. Be part of a larger community of enthusiasts and become a key contributor to the DogeZone ecosystem.

🗣 Who is eligible to become a DogeZone ambassador?

  • You're a developer, NFT enthusiast, a web3 leader, an influencer, or a crypto expert.
  • You're passionate about web3 and blockchain and care about building a strong and long-lasting community for DogeZone.
  • You are an existing community leader and can promote DogeZone within your group.
  • You are a marketing and content creator. You love building content and have out-of-the-box ideas. You are a student interested in blockchain and NFTs and want to gain hands-on knowledge of this ever-changing space.
  • You can still become a DogeZone Ambassador even if you are not tech-savvy.

🗣 What do we expect from you?

We always encourage you to be creative on how to be a DogeZone ambassador, but here are some examples:
  • Promote DogeZone through meetups and AMAs. These meetups can be structured to be both technical and non-technical, attract all kind of members to join.
  • Create compelling content. In order to grow the DogeZone Community, we'll need blog posts, documents, and other content such as News and Announcements translated into multiple languages.
  • Help us become a global brand and manage our online communities in various languages and platforms (Kakao, Telegram, WeChat, etc.) Set up regular AMAs and Meetups, and bring new people to the DogeZone community.
Some of the tasks that DogeZone ambassadors can currently complete:
  • Host AMAs about DogeZone
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Bring a partnerships


⭐️ 1 Genesis NFT per month. You can find Benefit for NFTs holders HERE.
⭐️Special BONUS for an outstanding active community.


🔖 Please submit application here:
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