DogeZone ($DGZ) is the next generation DAO that contributes to the development of the dogecoin meme ecosystem. Supporting artists to incubate NFT meme collections.

🧩 DogeZone NFT

DogeZone NFT is not just any JPEG NFT project, our team creates a bridge between the meme world and the expanding potential of Web 3.0. Our goal is to push the technology boundary of decentralized blockchain and NFT by building a Metaverse of Doge and NFTs, in which owners of our DogeZone Genesis NFTs get rewarded for holding $DGZ. The possibilities are endless in the DogeZone Metaverse. Each DogeZone Genesis NFT is a key allowing the holders to enter the Metaverse we are building.
🧩At the same time, $DGZ supports crowdfunding meme projects most flexibly and efficiently. The holders of the first 1000 DogeZone Genesis NFTs will have 1000 votes respectively to participate in voting on all DogeZone matters. For example, the holders vote via the DAO platform with Genesis NFTs, at the beginning to decide the type of project they would like to be launched on DogeZone Launchpad. Furthermore, the Genesis NFTs created by DogeZone are unique in this market thanks to their peculiarities such as the uniqueness of each piece, universal and authenticity attested.

📣 DogeZone DAO

With DAO’s features, DogeZone offers one of the most accessible and transparent NFT launchpads to hit the market. DogeZone’s NFT Launchpad will allow users from anywhere in the world to get access to initial NFT launches at the lowest available public price.
📈 DogeZone aims to be the first DAO-driven decentralized marketplace - an OpenSea on Binance Smart Chain.