DogeZone Betting Rules

DogeZone is the beginning of a decentralized, highly rewarded, and actively participatory new paradigm in the sports ecosystem. Users will have access to a $DGZ Pool where they can participate in upcoming games and betting. Win-draw-lose betting consists only of picking the game's winner. Players can only pick 1 out of 3 options.
At the end of the game, each time you accurately predict, will earn you a certain amount of rewards. Those who guess correctly will take the entire Pool divided by their shares.
*Please note: DogeZone will collect 10% of the reward fee for further community development, include: Users can always check the Fee Wallet for transparency here: 0xa0A7D74780471e0DFf931C400234f6b4442Ff2D1
  • 5% of the reward will be shared directly among 1000 holders of 1000 Genesis NFTs.
  • 5% of the reward will be used to buy $DGZ and burn.
In the case of bets failed to fulfill all 3 options Win, Lose, Draw, the outcome of the declared events shall be canceled. Players can claim back the amount $DGZ they bet.

Example Scenario: Chelsea - Manchester United game resulted 0-0

In the Pool:
  • 20 players predict Chelsea win & bet total 300,000 $DGZ
  • 2 players predict a tie & bet total 100,000 $DGZ (Alice bets 20,000 $DGZ, Peter bets 80,000 $DGZ)
  • 9 players players predict Chelsea lose & bet total 600,000 $DGZ
The total bet is 1,000,000 $DGZ. The total prize of the winners is 900,000 $DGZ.
After the match: Fee collected 10% = 90,000 $DGZ
Alice’s reward:20,000*8.1 = 162,000 $DGZ -> Alice claims 20,000 + 162,000 = 182,000 $DGZ
Peter’s reward: 80,000*8.1 =648,000 $DGZ → Peter claims: 80,000 + 648,000 = 728,000 $DGZ

⚠️ Warning

Please be aware that DogeZone will not provide legal support to some countries across the globe where sports betting is completely prohibited and forbidden. And if you are caught participating in any form of sports betting, you face criminal prosecution on your own.
These countries include:
  • North Korea
  • United Arab
  • Emirates (UAE)
  • Cambodia
  • Cyprus
  • Singapore
  • Other jurisdictions include Afghanistan, Algeria, Indonesia, Cayman Islands, Pakistan, and Vatican City.