Steve Hunt - Founder
A problem solver with strong business acumen. 15+ years experience at various start-ups, corporations, agencies and studios. In Blockchain since 2018, passionate about DAO’s and crypto-philosophy.
Gioele Teora - COO
Educational background in Business Management and Business Development with expertise in Marketing and Strategic Analysis for big companies in the F&B sector in Boston, US. Experience in the startup ecosystem since 2015.
Balaji Laghari - CTO
Phd in Computer Science and AI, researcher at University of California Institute of Technology. Working with BLE Beacons, AR/VR eyewear, EEGs, smart watches and iOS + Android mobile. Several years of experience as a software engineer and software architect for different companies in the context of Web and Blockchain technologies.
Jessica Fung - CMO
Master in Marketing and Brand Management with working experience on Creative & Art Directing, Advertising and Communication Design. Interested in the potential of the Metaverse and its repercussions on the social and cultural impact.
Marcus Huang - Creative Director
Marcus has a deep understanding of business, entrepreneurship and UX design. Designed the entire core product along with additional features, executed the product development strategies. 8 years of experience at Sony Pictures.